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A word on gear

November 24th, 2014

I'm often asked what kind of camera I use. I'm not a brand-loyal person and I don't find gear talk terribly interesting but I thought I'd address a few of the technical aspects of my camera that help me in my work.

Most photographers carry around multiple cameras and an array of lenses. I take a minimalist approach: one camera, one lens. The lens is a 55mm prime lens (which means it's fixed, no zooming). One reason I prefer a prime lens is the superior optics compared to most zoom lenses. Also, 55mm is a "normal" focal length that closely approximates the proportions the human eye sees. This enables me to produce exceptionally life-like photos with minimal distortion. Exceedingly few photographers limit themselves to one focal length but I find it works well for my style of photography. It also allows me to focus more of my time on making photos rather than obsessing over and managing a large collection of gear.

If you have any questions about camera techniques or post-production feel free to drop me a line.